The Flying Fleece

Spin Green 2 Ply (96 gm)

Naturals and neons, together in a spring time colourway.

One of the singles in this 2 ply yarn was dyed in the fleece using a low impact acid dye. The colour includes a range of shades between lime green and a light grass neon green.  All wool was washed, carded and spun by me on my spinning wheel. It makes a beautiful elastic fabric that is soft enough for next-to-skin garments.

- 100% Portuguese merino
- 96 gm /3.38 oz
- aproxim. 51meters /55yards
- Bulky weight
- colours: natural cream and neon grass green

All handspun skeins are unique and handmade from raw wool. Expect some irregularities and variations. Those will make for wonderful textures and colours in your knitting or weaving!
36 EUR