The Flying Fleece

Frisadinha #1 (150 gm)

´╗┐Frisadinha" means "crimpy" in Portuguese. These skeins are made from the sheep which produces the finest wool of its flock. Frisadinha skeins are big, white and wonderfully soft.

This wool was washed, carded and spun on my spinning wheel. It makes a fairly regular fabric with a pearly white shine. Also suitable for dyeing.

Skein no. 1
- 150 gm (5.3 op)
- 169 mt (184 yards)
- 8-9 WPI Worsted weight
- washed, carded and spun by hand

-note: pictures display all three Frisadinha skeins, yarn weight and texture is identical

All handspun skeins are unique and handmade from raw wool. Expect some irregularities and variations. Those will make for wonderful textures and colours in your knitting or weaving

35 EUR