The Flying Fleece

Amora (100 gm)

Washed, carded, spun and dyed by entirely hand. 100% locally produced, from sheep to dyed skein.

A skein of sturdy, 2 ply, perfect to knit next-to-skin-soft winter clothes. The yarn was finished with a light fulling technique so, even though this a Merino yarn, it will make for strong and durable fabrics. The colour is predominantly grey (some monitors may show it as slightly more purple than it is).

- 100% local Portuguese merino
- naturally dyed with locally foraged blackberries
- mordanted for colurfastness
- colours: grey with purple tones
- 2ply
- Each skein aprox. 100 gm (200 gm /7 oz total)
- Aran/Bulky weight

All handspun skeins are unique and handmade from raw wool. Expect some irregularities and variations. Those will make for wonderful textures and colours in your knitting or weaving!
25 EUR