The Flying Fleece


Know your wool: from shearing to knitting!

My name is Filipa and I process and spin yarn from raw Portuguese wool fleeces. Me and my family buy wool from local producers each summer. During the school year I study in Michigan, in the US. I bring my washed fleeces and spin them on my spinning wheel. You can read more about my process on my blog and buy some of our washed fleeces here.

About our Portuguese Merino:
This wool comes from a small farm in the semi-urban area of São Martinho do Bispo near Coimbra, whose owners we are friends with. Visiting often, we became familiar with their handling of the animals and their feeding.

These sheep have access to wide open spaces and feed on grass and oranges that fall from the many trees all over the farm - orange trees have fruit almost all year in Portugal. They have access to a creek that runs through the property and also proper barn facilities.

This is a great alternative if you are concerned with industrial methods and exploitations and want to know your wool comes from some pretty happy sheep! See them here.